“Artist Sunday”

Lay Leader - Peter Morrison

On this Artist Sunday, please plan to bring your artistic expressions to share, whether you create in words, pictures, music, song, dance, glass, fabric, or any other medium.


I was in my 40's, a young widow, children had moved on with their lives, I had a fulfilling teaching career and a wonderful group of friends. I began to feel, however, that I was missing something, hard to define really, but came to understand was spiritual camaraderie. I thought a Unitarian church might be a good fit as my Christian viewpoint I had been brought up with had shifted considerably. I thought I would drive to Ann Arbor to attend but bumped into a former student who mentioned she was a member of a Unitarian Universalist church right here in Jackson County. I went there the next Sunday and was pleased and overwhelmed with the spiritual camaraderie I sought. That was eighteen years ago. It has enriched my life.