“Journeys of Conversion”

Peg Beison; Lay Leader

C.S. Lewis converted from atheism to Christianity. Dan Barker converted from an evangelical minister to an atheist. In spite of their opposite destinations, their spiritual journeys of conversion are remarkably similar in many ways.  



This community is where I come for support, friendship and fun. It is a place to live to my religion in the church and the larger community. This religion allows me to speak my truth even when my truth changes.

2017-18 Justice Theme: Environment

Our church is focusing on the social justice issue of the environment for the 2017-2018 church year, with activities, programs, and worship services related to the environment, particularly water justice, throughout the year. Look through our upcoming events or newsletter for more details. We will be using the book Blue Future by Maude Barlow as a guide for water justice action.