“What do you expect?”

Our yearly social justice theme is reproductive justice. When we boil reproductive justice down to abortion or not are we creating a false dichotomy? Join us as we explore reproductive choice from the perspective of those on the margins.

“Roll Down Like Waters”

Today is our annual water communion and ingathering service. Bring a sample of water from your life and join us as we honor our connection with the history of our faith and our church.

“Building the Welcome Table”

What does it look like to welcome new voices to the table? What might we expect? How can we also embrace the unexpected? Today is Bring a Friend Sunday. Join us and bring a friend!Aug 25 – “Building the Welcome Table” – Rev. Jenn Gracen What does it look like to welcome new voices to … Continued

“Pride Sunday”

Member Sharon Pedersen will discuss the history of the gay pride movement, UU Welcoming Congregation status, and other church efforts like Side with Love.