For building rentals, please contact the board president. For weddings and other rites of passage, please contact the minister.

Position Name Phone Number E-mail
 Church UUCEL (517)529-4221
 Minister. Cynthia  Landrum (517)529-4221
Religious Education Coordinator Jackie Johnson
Nursery Providers Vicki Haynes  withheld by request
Pianist Anita Fobes
Board President Gratia Karmes
Vice President Elissa Alden
Treasurer Kerry Hart
Secretary Alyce Oosting
Trustee Ann Green
Trustee Debbie Hartsuff
Committees & Volunteers
Worship Committee Chair Jon Hart
Membership Committee Chair Kathy Haynes withheld by request
Caring Committee Chair Jane Volk
JXN Community Forum Committee Co-Chairs Debbie Sears (JDL)
Newsletter Editors Kathy Haynes and Vicki Haynes  withheld by request
AUUW Chair Joan Bernstein  (517)529-4494
Meet Your Neighbor Coffee Coordinator Grace Mulnix  (517)529-4387
 Bellringer Editor (Sunday bulletin)  Lynn Hightower  (517)536-0429
Bookkeeper Ann Green
Committee on Ministry Gretchen Marshall & Jane Volk
Building Committee Vic Marshall
Religious Education Committee Chair Gretchen Marshall