“Crossing Thresholds”

Ann Green and Rev. Jenn Gracen

Ann and Jenn will be sharing stories of thresholds and their impact in this service.



I was in my 40's, a young widow, children had moved on with their lives, I had a fulfilling teaching career and a wonderful group of friends. I began to feel, however, that I was missing something, hard to define really, but came to understand was spiritual camaraderie. I thought a Unitarian church might be a good fit as my Christian viewpoint I had been brought up with had shifted considerably. I thought I would drive to Ann Arbor to attend but bumped into a former student who mentioned she was a member of a Unitarian Universalist church right here in Jackson County. I went there the next Sunday and was pleased and overwhelmed with the spiritual camaraderie I sought. That was eighteen years ago. It has enriched my life.

Reproductive Freedom: 2019-2020 Social Justice Theme

Beginning with 2017-2018, UUCEL named a different social justice theme annually for our church to engage in. Our first theme for 2017-2018 was the environment! This year theme is Reproductive Freedom.The theme was chosen with input from a survey of selected congregation members. The survey identified Reproductive Freedom as the top social justice issue of concern to our members. Reproductive Freedom is an issue of increasing urgency locally, nationally and internationally. Worship services and activities connecting to this year’s social justice theme will held throughout the year. You can see upcoming events on social justice issues on the upcoming events page or the newsletter for what is happening soon!