Beginning with 2017-2018, UUCEL is naming a different social justice theme annually for our church to engage in.  We’re pleased to announce that our first theme for 2017-2018 is the environment!  The environment is a pressing issue for our age, and this year has seen the devastating effects of climate change in the increase of severe weather disasters.

The theme was chosen with input from a survey of selected congregation members.  The survey identified water justice as the top environmental issue of concern to our members.  Water justice is an issue of increasing urgency both nationally and internationally, and Michigan has both extreme water justice issues and abundant fresh water, making this a natural issue for our focus.

Worship services and activities connecting to this year’s social justice theme will be held throughout the year, and you can see the upcoming events page or the newsletter for what is happening soon.  For more on water justice in particular, please see also our Water Justice page.