New this year is our youth (grades 6-12) class! Our youth will be meeting twice per month on Sunday mornings. One Sunday each month they will be exploring a “Coming of Age” curriculum. “Coming of Age” is a rite of passage in Unitarian Universalism, usually for middle-school-aged children, but since we haven’t had one in a while, we’re including our high-school children. The curriculum description states, “Participants explore theology, spirituality, history and other topics through discussion, drama, music, writing and art.” On a second Sunday per month, the youth class will be participating in a theme-based program where they use their interests in such popular culture things as music, videos, games, sports, and social justice to explore themes, some of which are the same themes as the adults and K-5 explore, but some of which are different.

What’s Happening on Those Other Sundays?  Once a month the youth will have a Sunday where they do not have lessons while the K-5 does. The youth will  stay in the service. They’ll have Coming of Age journals they can work in during the service, as well, so you may see them writing.  Once a month we have intergenerational services which will include all the children and youth. And on months with a fifth Sunday (and some holiday Sundays), we’ll have a “craft day” where the children and youth are invited to join in crafts supervised and led by a team of adults.