Rev. Jenn Gracen

“Wheel of the Year”

Join us for this service that recognizes Volunteer, RE Teachers and Board Members and celebrates our community. We will also be welcoming new members today. ~Special Collection: Brooklyn Food Pantry. ~Annual Meeting follows.  

“The Sight of Stars”

What does the life of Vincent Van Gogh have to teach us about curiosity and our own drive to create?  

Saving Salvation — VIDEO

 With Lay Leader, Monica Day How do Unitarian Universalists reclaim a word like salvation? Special Collection: Interfaith Shelter  

“For Want of a Word” — VIDEO

With lay leader, Beth Dombach – In 1961 the Universalists and the Unitarians joined to form the Unitarian Universalist Association. Did you know the consolidation almost didn’t happen? The disagreement that nearly kept the two communities apart was over the word “the”. Join us as we explore the formation of the UUA.  

“Sermon on the Amount” — VIDEO

With lay leader, Gordon Bernstein. Pledge Kick Off. Stewardship is caring for communities that we love. It can be hard for Unitarian Universalist congregations to ask for money.  

“The Journey of Faith” — VIDEO

With lay leader, Sharon Pedersen. Join us as we explore the value of rituals in faith. The journey of Lent starts on March 6, what is it and what does it have to offer Unitarian Universalists?

“Repairing the Cracks” — VIDEO

How do we repair relationships when trust has been broken? There is a growing movement to implement reconciliation programs in the criminal justice system. How can a process of reconciliation help us to repair relationships in our own lives?